Top 10 Reasons to Join CHS/CSHS PTO!

10.  It’s easy! One simple form for fundraising and volunteering. And we won’t ask you to sell anything.
9.  We communicate about things we as high school parents care about. Meetings include principals’ updates and speakers on topics anywhere from what you should be doing to get your child ready for college to drug awareness.
8.  You’ll have opportunities to get to know the teachers and staff.
7.  You’ll get the coveted Dragon phone directory!
6.  You won’t fall into the black hole of never-ending time commitment. There is a volunteer opportunity to match everyone’s time constraints.
5.  You’ll make new friends that share the same interest in creating the best educational experience for our kids.
4.  You’ll have a vote in the way PTO uses its funds.
3.  Your senior will be eligible for a PTO scholarship.
2.  You’ll feel good about making a difference. We help fund things
that our campuses would otherwise go without
due to our Robin Hood payment to the state.
And #1 reason…We need you to make all of this possible!!
Did you know?
Last year here is just a few of the many ways our PTO supported our schools, staff, and students…

  • Fulfilled over $30,000 in teacher wish list items
  • Hosted Project Graduation, a drug and alcohol-free all-night event on graduation night
  • Funded Project Graduation with the annual Craft Fair, the largest craft fair in Southlake
  • Awarded scholarships to graduating seniors and teachers
  • Showed our teachers and staff how much we appreciate them with themed luncheons throughout the year
  • Organized a multi-faith Baccalaureate service to honor all seniors

Welcome to our new PTO Board for 2018-2019!

President - Anne Vanderbush
Vice President  - Margie Wedinger
Treasurer - Tobin Osterberg
Secretary - Kathleen Cipriano
Parlimentarian - Yvette Carmona

Audit - Jayne Carlisle
CEF Ambassador - Hyke Link
Craft Fair Vendors - Katherine Fisher, Shelley Nelson
Craft Fair Marketing - Candy Adams
Craft Fair Food - Deanne Weill
Craft Fair Volunteers  - Anne Vanderbush
Directory - Marcy McTaggart
Directory Shadow - Kristy Murday
Directory Ads - Carrie Schoof
Hospitality CHS - Candy Adams, Stephanie Henricks
Hospitality CSHS - Lori Wardin, Kathy Marshall
Membership - Suzanne Adamson
New Parents CSHS - Angela Kwentus
New Parents CHS - Elizabeth Spieth
Project Graduation- Marcy McTaggart, Angela Schwartz
Outreach - Aimee Foreman
Scholarship - Tracy Lentz
Teacher Appreciation - Martina Bognazi
Volunteers - Ana J. Pena-Tijerina
Webmaster - Shannan Needleman